“A Writer’s Life For Me” Tag

Hey everyone! I’ve taken a bit of a blogging hiatus because… well… life has been hectic lately. *Understatement of the century.* Anyway, one of my favorite bloggers, Ciera, tagged me for this fun little blog post.

The writers life for me tag

So… Here goes.

What kind of writer are you?

Let’s see… I don’t really have a preferred genre or anything, but I DO have a preferred format. I like short stories, novelettes, and novellas. I’m not saying I don’t toy with the idea of writing a novel sometimes, but it’s not really “my thing.”

When did you start writing? What made you want to try it?

My first story (which I dictated to my aunt) was about a bunny and a flower. It was “published” on a piece of pink printer paper and illustrated with Easter stickers. 🙂

I think the big catalyst for my writing came about when I was in the fourth grade. We were told to write a poem and I wrote about sunflowers. When the teacher read it, she thought I’d plagiarized until my fellow classmates assured her I hadn’t. After that, she became my biggest encourager. I’ve been hooked ever since.

What inspires your stories?

Small town life in the South.  Family. The Bible. Video games.  #notevenkidding

Pretty much anything and everything is fodder for my stories.

What themes do you like to explore in your writing?

Love. Community. Integrity. Joy. Hope. Faith. Pretty much anything biblical.

Are you a pantser, a plotter, or both?

I’m a little bit of both. I like to have a loose plot outline (list of 5-7 major scenes), but I don’t like having everything completely mapped out.

Where are you in your writing journey? Querying? Looking for an agent? Published?

I’m just writing, at this point. Lol.

Have you ever entered any writing contests? Finaled? Won?

I entered a contest, but I didn’t win. I’m still developing my niche/style, so I wasn’t upset by not placing or winning.

Have you ever been to a writing conference?

I have not, but I would like to attend one, someday.

Who are your writing heroes?

L.M. Montgomery. Her characters will win and break your heart and I love the sense of community she created.

Jane Austen. Her wit is absolutely amazing.

Alice Munro. She wrote short stories even though the world wanted novels -and she’s famous for revolutionizing the short story structure.

Flannery O’Connor. She was a ruthless editor. She didn’t take criticism personally. She just did what she had to do to create the best story possible.

3 Tips You’d Give to Newbie Writers

  1. Write what’s on your heart. Don’t just write what everyone seems to want  read. You won’t be satisfied and others probably won’t, either.
  2. It’s okay to mimic your favorite writers, but if (when) you notice your own style coming through, by all means, let it shine!
  3. Be humble and accept constructive criticism graciously. Even if you don’t agree with what someone else thinks about your writing, always take it into consideration. At the end of the day, it’s still up to you… Take the good, throw out the bad, and don’t take it personally.

Want to tackle this tag, yourself?

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– Tag new people!
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Writing!
“A Writer’s Life For Me” Tag

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