Rethinking my writing…

I’ve been thinking, lately. Please do not stop reading… Thank you. When I look back at my writing over the years, I’ve noticed a trend. On one level, it’s very disheartening. On another level, it’s very liberating. 

What’s the trend? 

I never seem to finish a story. 

Just doesn’t happen. 

Never has. 

Not a thing. 

What. is. wrong. with. me? I LOVE to write. Part of me LIVES to write, yet… I never finish stories. 


As I sat in the bathtub thinking about this (I apologize for the image, but I’m just being honest), something occurred to me. 

Okay… Well, maybe I should say several things that have occurred to me before all came together in the midst my bathtime musings:

I do finish something… and it’s generally met with success when I do.

Nonfiction. My nonfiction is basically always a hit (aka when more than three people offer praise for the piece). 

My fiction… Not so much. As much as I love it, I even realize that it’s not as good as the “real stuff.”

And then my friend suggests that I start a nonfiction blog… Hmm…

So… I am now faced with a choice (and I only have about 5,000 other choices to make right now). Do I continue to stubbornly pursue what’s always seemed “right” to me? Or do I take a step back and focus on what’s obviously a stronger area for me? 

Honestly, I don’t know. However, I do know this:

I haven’t been writing much lately. 

The story I’ve been puttering around with is about as flat as it gets. 

Writing just ain’t working out right now and something’s gotta give before I have a breakdown. 

Decisions, decisions…

Thoughts and prayers welcome. 

Rethinking my writing…

One thought on “Rethinking my writing…

  1. Emily McKinnie says:

    Maybe you should focus on non-fiction for a while. You can always come back to fiction, but trying something new for a while will help, I think. I felt my recent forays into poetry has made my fiction stronger so maybe the same will be true for you.


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